Feel the healing power of music and voice. Dive deep into your inner world, connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your intuition. Feel the magic of life and experience the vibrational power of sound. Discover what lies hidden deep down inside of you and use my voice as the key to your soul. 

live stream recordings 

Voice healing & meditatie sessies

Live stream #1 – Stilte 

In this voice healing & meditation live stream session I will bring silence to the listener. A place where I believe all magic of life is hidden and where you have the space to let go, to feel free, to feel peace, freedom and love.

Live stream #2 – Reality check

ENGLISH SESSION! – In this voice healing & meditation live stream session I again take the listener into a deep state of trance. The theme of this live stream was BELIEVING, and feeling the magic of believing in yourself and in life. I help the listener choose a new reality and letting go of the old one.

live stream #3 – Releasing fear

In this voice healing & meditation live stream session I took the listener on an inner peace journey to release fear and to surrender to life, so that the listener could transfrom into a state of hope and trust. 

Live stream #4 – Breaking free

Breaking free from everything you know, fear, feel, and think you are and to rebirth into someone new. The session helps you to (re)discover your hidden treasures and your authentic power to create.

live stream #5 – the now

In this voice healing & meditation session, which was an online ceremony session of a sacred sister cirlcle, I took the listener into a deep state of trance. We stayed in the present moment and really grounded ourselves. Experience the pure state of being, the pure state of existence and the power and space of living in the now. 

live stream #6 – Heaven on earth

In this voice healing & meditation session I take you on a journey to a place I call heaven. A place where your guides ‘live’ and a place full of love and light. It is a place I travel to when I need to reload my battery, when I need hope, and courage and when I want to know what my purpose is on earth. You will discover the purpose of us human beings and what your role is that you have to play in this bigger purpose of life. 

Live stream #7 – The Tree of Life

In this live stream session I take the listener into a deep state of trance and on a journey to the tree of life. This tree beholds all wisdom of past, present and future. Listen to this session if you want to feel energized, gather new wisdom or insights and/or answers to questions that you have and that will help you continue on your path of life, to become a more lovable, better and evolved version of your Self. 


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