Live stream #8 – The place behind the sun


In this live stream session I take the listener into a deep state of trance and on a journey to the place behind the sun. Listen to this session if you want to come home into your heart, if you want to feel supported, loved, soothed and if you want to transcend, expand and remember the greatness of your being.

This voice healing & meditation session is a recording of the 8th live stream I gave on Thursday December 3rd, 2020.

A beautiful cosy and warm inner peace journey session. In this live stream we traveled to the place behind the sun and danced around a huge bonfire. We opened up our hearts, felt unity and felt seen and heard and carried. We felt the support of each other and of something way bigger than us. We expanded our consciousness and transcended to come home recharged and united. Relax, surrender and come home with this beautiful session presented to you from my cosy home in my hometown Leiden, The Netherlands. *The live stream session is in Dutch In love, Myrthe Lisanne

Best listened while using headphones, in a quiet area. The session is in Dutch, the music in Dutch and English!

Once you have purchased the live stream session, you will receive the hidden videolink, and you can download the audio file.

Enjoy listening and traveling!

With love,
X Myrthe Lisanne