ready for a deep dive into your inner world?



Feel the healing power of music and voice. Dive deep into your inner world, connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your intuition. Feel the magic of life and experience the vibrational power of sound. Discover what lies hidden deep down inside of you and use my voice as the key to your soul.

Do you ever wonder: What do I dream of? What is my biggest desire? Who am I truly? What do I really want in life? What is my purpose, or what is THE purpose of life?


But are you struggling to find answers to these questions?

Then I think you are looking to these questions the wrong way and you are searching for the answers on the wrong level.

You are trying to solve these questions in your head, or in your mind. You are thinking way too hard. You are overanalyzing and looking for the answers outside of yourself. And if that’s not enough, you’re also comparing yourself to others while overanalyzing.

Conclusion: you get all frustrated, stressed out and you don’t like the search of the answers to these questions anymore.

You are overanalyzing and overthinking in your head. In a circle. You are trying to understand everything in your mind. And this is where you are sabotaging your search.

Let me tell you one thing: you won’t find the answers outside of you, or by comparing yourself to others. You won’t find the answers by overanalyzing or by overthinking. You won’t find the answers by trying to understand in your mind. The answers are not hidden in your mind.

They are hidden way deeper, on the level of your heart, your feelings, and your intuition.  

You will find these answers by taking a deep dive inside your inner world, past your mind, past your ego. By listening in silence to your inner voice, your inner wisdom, your intuition. Your heart will speak, and your heart knows everything. You heart can tell you every answer you need in your search to the answers to these questions. In your search to your truest and highest self.

With my visualization I will take you deep down inside of your inner world. I will guide you with my voice, my music and I will open the doors to your inner world, where all the answers you seek are hidden. 

WHO AM I AND WHAT TO I DO? My name is Myrthe Lisanne and I’m a singer, artist, psychologist and creator. It is my mission to spread peace and love with my voice.

With my work I want to help you relax, become quiet, to LISTEN, to feel, heal & grow. To find answers, to see your biggest desires, to dream and to find the courage to take the necessary steps to living an authentic life full of light, love, connection and abundance. 

My work helps you to dive deep into your inner world, where you can find your truest and highest self, your intuition, your feelings, your dreams and desires.

My work is a key to your soul and helps you connect with your soul. In this connection I believe that all feelings, emotions and thoughts that are not helping you will disappear. You will feel your strength, your power and you will meet your true self again.

The connection with your inner world, your intuition and your feelings is such an important thing, because this will help you to live your life as honest and true to yourself as possible. You will meet YOU through my work. You will feel and hear, you are able to listen to yourself, to what truly matters, to your biggest desires and dreams and you will find the courage to take steps that will help you reach your path, your purpose or your destiny. 

WHY LISTEN TO MY VISUALIZATION? After listening to my free visualization you will feel connected to yourself and to your higher purpose (again). You will feel meaning, inspiration and you will feel grounded. The energy of my voice, and my music will help you dive deep into your inner world and will help you feel, heal and grow.  

Heavy emotions, fears or any other low energy you feel will become lighter after listening to this visualization.

With this visualization which consists of my storytelling and my music, I hope to give you the insights that will help you grow on your path to living a creative, authentic and free life.

The visualization is in Dutch. English is on it’s way!