Pre-listen Unity

by Myrthe Lisanne | Inner peace journeys


An inner peace journey

Listen to this healing prayer if you want to get into a deep state of trance and if you want to truly feel and remember the most wonderful truth of our existence: that we are all one, that we were never separated, that separation is an illusion. Listen to this inner peace journey if you want to feel connected to something bigger, to a divine plan and to all there is. Listen, feel, heal and expand.


The word, the feeling and the story of Unity came to me when I had one of the most beautiful experiences of my life: a feeling of unity, of oneness, of wholeness. Of being one with the All and being the All at once. I just started writing after that about my experience and about what I believe is the only truth that exists: that we are all one.

I made a video about this feeling and with the words that came to me after this Unity experience and about this Universal truth called Unity, which you can watch on my Youtube Channel.

“I just listened to you. I don’t know what it is but what you are creating is so beautiful. Your voice is so touching and so authentic. Just pure beauty “

– Michelle

What will I receive if I purchase Unity?

Once you purchase Unity, you will receive:

  • An audio file (mp3) of Unity to listen to whenever you want;
  • A written transcript of the channeled message and spoken words that you hear in the inner peace journey video Unity found on my Youtube Channel.

All the words are combined in a mini e-book for you to read as often as you like, so that you can receive the channeled message of Unity even more, and to take your time to really let the words resonate deeply and to be reminded of this message every time you read it.

The mp3 file you receive is a downloadable file so that you can listen to Unity whenever you want.

Unity© has been recorded, edited and released by Myrthe Lisanne. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is not aloud. 


“Wow Myrthe, there is always so much going on inside of me when I am listening to your music and voice healing tracks. Emotions, goosebumps, and even the feeling as if I am part of an army of love that is going to save the world.”

– Wietske

What are healing prayers?

Healing prayers are deep meditative musical journeys with spoken word, poetry and healing music, written, spoken and sung by Myrthe Lisanne. These prayers will help you get in touch with your heart, your body, your feelings and your soul.

The prayers will immediately bring you (back) into a state of tranquility, peace, and allowance. They will open your heart, help you surrender and help you to release heavy feelings or emotions. They will help you get back into the present moment and help you remember your true and divine essence.

Listen to the prayers while you are relaxing or meditating, and take the time to really open your heart, so that you can let the prayers open you up and help you get in touch with your inner world, your Higher self, your emotions, and everything else in the unseen realms.

You can also listen to the prayers if you want to do or are doing something creative, or if you want to feel inspired. The tracks are a beautiful activation of a beautiful creative energy, residing inside of us, waiting to get out.

The prayers are best listened with headphones and in a quiet area.