Pre-listen Rebirth

by Myrthe Lisanne | Inner peace journeys


Listen to this healing prayer if you want to go into a deep state of trance, and to come into a deep state of receptiveness and surrender, in which you can let go of everything that is not helping you living your most wonderful life, and in which you can receive messages and guidance. Listen if you want to feel reborn, with a new energy and story about who you are, free of everything that was blocking you.


Rebirth came to me when I was in a deep transcendent meditation during the new moon last April 2020. I traveled to far away lands in space and I came back, reborn.

I felt like I truly let go of the old me, a version of me that was no longer helping me, or no longer suitable for the life that I wanted to live. And by letting go of this old me, and the feeling of heaviness that came with it, I welcomed the new. A new me, lighter, more free and full of love, strength, peace and abundance.

While having this transcendent journey I felt like I was in an in-between state, between the old and the new. I felt as if I was in transition. I felt like I peeled the old me layer for layer, and created space for the new me.

This felt so free, so open, so receptive in a way. And because I was so open, I could receive this message of Rebirth.

Rebirth© has been recorded, edited and released by Myrthe Lisanne. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is not aloud. 

“Wow Myrthe, there is always so much going on inside of me when I am listening to your music. Emotions, goosebumps, and even the feeling as if I am part of an army of love that is going to save the world.”

– Wietske

What will I receive if I purchase Rebirth?

Once you purchase Rebirth, you will receive:

  • An audio file (mp3) of Rebirth to listen to whenever you want;
  • A written transcript (pdf) of the channeled message and spoken words that you hear in the inner peace journey video Rebirth found on my Youtube Channel.

All the words are combined in a mini e-book for you to read as often as you like, so that you can receive the channeled message of Rebirth even more, and to take your time to really let the words resonate deeply and to be reminded of this message every time you read it.

The mp3 file you receive is a downloadable file so that you can listen to Rebirth whenever you want.

Rebirth© has been recorded, edited and released by Myrthe Lisanne. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is not aloud. 


Absolutely stunning. Revealing truth, honesty, pure thought strengthens the spirit. You are amazing Myrthe, thank you.”

– Tyler

What are inner peace journeys? 

Inner peace journeys are deep meditative musical journeys with spoken word, poetry and healing music, written, spoken and sung by Myrthe Lisanne. These inner journeys will help you get in touch with your heart, your body, your feelings and your soul.

The journeys will immediately bring you (back) into a state of tranquility, peace, and allowance. They will open your heart, help you surrender and help you to release heavy feelings or emotions. They will help you get back into the present moment and help you remember your true and divine essence.

Listen to the journeys while you are relaxing or meditating, and take the time to really open your heart, so that you can let the journeys open you up and help you get in touch with your inner world, your Higher self, your emotions, and everything else in the unseen realms.

You can also listen to the journeys if you want to do or are doing something creative, or if you want to feel inspired. The tracks are a beautiful activation of a beautiful creative energy, residing inside of us, waiting to get out.

The journeys are best listened with headphones and with an intention set to relax, open up and surrender.

“Wow, every time I listen to you, your voice brings me into a state of complete surrender. All the struggle with my fear just disappears. I feel so safe when I listen to you, and I feel like everything is ok, all is well. “

– Gerlinde