How to listen to Rebirth?

Listen to the journey while you are relaxing or meditating, and take the time to really open your heart, so that you can let the music, words and channeled message open you up and help you get in touch with your inner world, your Higher self, your emotions, and everything else in the unseen realms.

You can also listen to the journey if you want to do or are doing something creative, or if you want to feel inspired. The track is a beautiful activation of a beautiful creative energy, residing inside of us, waiting to get out.

Rebirth is best listened with headphones and in a quiet place, where you can’t be disturbed.

Thank you so much that you want to receive my artwork and the energy and message of Rebirth. It means the world to me that you are taking the time to open your heart and ears to my artwork. 

My love and light bless you, 
Myrthe Lisanne

Watch Rebirth

Rebirth is also part of a creative video I made with healing music, spoken word and a poetic channeled message.

You can watch this on my Youtube Channel or on this page!

Enjoy listening, watching and resonating with the energy of Rebirth.

X Myrthe Lisanne

X Myrthe Lisanne

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