Hi dear one,

My name is Myrthe Lisanne, a true multi passionate and creative being who loves to research life, reflect on how she feels and what it all means to be a human, who feels a lot and who loves to write, sing, create, teach & guide people on their journey inwards.

I am someone who just loves to do multiple things at the same time and just follows her joy, pleasure & intuition. I flow freely through life.

I call myself a true emotion expressionist: someone who lives by and creates art out of the emotions she feels.

All my life I have been someone who feels a lot. I have learned to embrace this and to turn it into my superpower! Everything that I feel I weave into deep reflections, written or spoken words, music, poetry, paintings or any other creative expression. I let my emotions be guides and express them in order to let the stagnant energy in my body flow again, so that I can flow again! 

Besides all this I am also a psychologist (MSc) and in my work I combine emotion expression & voice/sound healing. I really love to dive deep into our inner world(s), to discover hidden wisdom, feelings, messages, guidance or stuck emotions that need to be released. 

I truly believe that if we are able to understand what is living inside of us, if we truly get to know ourselves, our true essence, we are able to live in alignment with our heart and intuition and we are then able to express what needs to be expressed. We are able to follow our heart’s desire(s), and to live our life to its fullest potential, free and in flow. 

True freedom lies within. Therefore I believe that the only way forward is inwards. 

Where do you start…
 …when you have to tell something about yourself? The only thing I know for sure is that every time in my life when I had to tell something about myself, I always told my story differently. As if every period in my life I felt like a new me, more authentic and more true to my self. 

The only thing that stayed was me being a sensitive dreamer, a philosopher, a lover, a creator, a writer, a singer, a psychologist., a dancer, a painter, a poet… a woman searching for hidden realms, unseen truths and Universal wisdom, weaving new worlds into being. It is what kept me going on all the days that I felt darkness, and on all the days that I felt high on life. 

Searching for a heaven, searching for that place where I believe we come from and where we are traveling to. An everlasting search for truth, purity, vulnerability, love and light. An everlasting search for answers to questions like: who are we? Why are we here? What is the purpose of it all? What is the meaning of it all? 

I love these questions and they still keep me going everyday, helping me get up and helping me to walk my path, talk my talk and live my most authentic life and truth. 

I am someone who always dives deep into her emotions. When I do this I always discover hidden wisdom, beautiful messages and a big universal wisdom. My emotions guide me, tell me stories of what I need to do and where my path will lead me. They will show me where I am not living my truth, where I need to make better choices or they show me my biggest dreams and desires. They tell me who I am, they show me my greatness and they help me walk my talk. I just love them.

Creating music and art out of the emotions I feel once started as a healing tool for myself, but is now my main focus every day. And I love it. I am here to express what we all feel, in order for us all to heal.

I am also a person who just loves silence. When I am silent I am able to see, hear and observe things different. More present, more open, and I just enter a state of receiving, expanding and transcending. It is in these silent moments that I am able to receive the inspiration for all my songs, my writings, my channeled messages, my paintings, photography and ideas for new creative projects. I love to talk about psychology, mindset, philosophy, the Universe, spirituality, art, and everything else that lives in my fantasy and that I want to get out of the unseen worlds into this 3d world.

X Myrthe Lisanne

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