Today is a day like any other day. Nothing’s changed. Everything is the same. As it will be tomorrow, next week, next year.

Sometimes I can feel restless knowing that this is the case. And sometimes the beauty of this fact overwhelms me.

It’s pretty right? The world stays the same, nature stays the same, I still see the same tree outside of my house everyday. People stay the same. Structures, systems, bodies, it all stays the same. But the way I experience it, the way I choose to look at the world everyday can change in a minute, an hour, a day. It fluctuates. It goes up and down. And the way I look at the world changes the way how I feel, how I live, how I sleep. How I decide, how I react, how I behave. It’s fascinating.

It’s fascinating because this shows me that I don’t have any control over life, nature, the world, people. I don’t have any control. The world will be there anyway, doing its thing. People will, nature will, time will, animals will… and the more I let go of the thought that I have control, the more I can experience space, peace, calmness.

I don’t have any control over anything other than the way I CHOOSE to look at everything I experience. Control is something I made up. Now it’s time to release that thought, to release control, to choose to surrender to the natural pace of all, and to choose trust. To see the beauty of all that stays the same and moves in its natural pace.

And to enjoy myself while following my own natural pace.