I believe we all have the power to change. To change our inner world. And to change our outer world. We all have the responsibility to stand up for ourselves and in that way stand up for all of us.

We are all one and we all want the same in the end. We do not differ by heart. We all have the same heart. The same love. The same body. The same language. The language of connection and closeness.

We are all just here to live our life as true and honest as we can. To deliver. To learn. To feel and see and to listen. To LISTEN. To observe. To connect.

We are all here to discover the oneness of all. We are all here to see the beauty of it all. The greatness of it all. The greatness of ourselves. And we are here to learn. To grow. To create. To transcend. To become aware. To awaken to our greatest potential.

To learn to share, dare and to kneel. To feel that there is abundance and love. To learn to see that we’re all the same. To overcome fears. To become friends with our mind. To heal. To grow. To go.

To be.

X Myrthe Lisanne