Today is a good day to break free.

Free from everything I know, everything I fear, free from the perspective of the reality I’m living.

Why today? Because today is a good day. Today really is.

This is what I said to myself when I felt I was hiding parts of myself because of the fear of losing people, status, respect etc. But I’m done. I will find the right people and the right people will find me.

And the more I completely show myself and BE myself the more likeminded people I will meet. And yes this was absolutely a message to myself. A promise. So no offense to you. Maybe a little inspiration to do and feel the same.

Light up that inner fire. Show yourself to the world. Completely. 100%. Not a version that is just half of you.

So here I am. Vegan. And a proud one. Spiritual. And very proud of that. Believing in energy, the universe, manifesting power, (inner) guides/guidance. Believing in some sort of magic in life.

Believing in the power of intuition. A higher purpose. A wise and old traveling soul. Believing in the beauty of life. Feeling that love and unity should be the only religion. And also believing that love and unity are the answers to all. Believing that heaven is on earth and in the mind.

Freedom and peace are here, one wake up call away. This is what I want to accomplish with my music, my writings and all my storytelling and inner peace journeys that are on their way. I want to wake you up to your truest, highest self. I want to help you see the beauty of it all.

Because damn it, life is so beautiful. This is why I am spreading peace & love with my voice.

Why today? Because today is my favorite day.

This is me and I’m free.

What about you?