I am Nature

“Wow, every time I listen to you, your voice brings me into a state of complete surrender. All the struggle with my fear just disappears. I feel so safe when I listen to you, and I feel like everything is ok, all is well. “

– Gerlinde

Feel the healing power of music and voice. Dive deep into your inner world, connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, your intuition. Feel the magic of life and experience the vibrational power of sound. Discover what lies hidden deep down inside of you and use my voice as the key to your soul

Single cover I am nature

Why listen to I am nature?

Listen to I am nature if you want to connect to mother earth and go into a deep state of meditation and trance, and to come into a deep state of relaxation, and tranquility, in which you can let go of everything and to reground yourself. 

“Wow Myrthe, there is always so much going on inside of me when I am listening to your inner peace journeys. Emotions, goosebumps, and even the feeling as if I am part of an army of love that is going to save the world.”

– Wietske

How to listen to I am nature?
Listen to I am nature with headphones and in a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed. Set an intention for youself, for example: ‘to rest, relax and surrender.’ Or ‘to open my heart for the treasures of planet earth.’

Take the time to really open your heart, so that you can let the song open you up and help you get in touch with your inner world, your Higher self, your emotions, and everything else in the unseen realms.

You can also listen to the song if you want to do or are doing something creative, or if you want to feel inspired. The track is a beautiful activation of a beautiful creative energy, residing inside of us, waiting to get out.

“I have listened to your work and I am so impressed. It was a very special experience and I feel an admiration for your sensitivity and the power you use while singing. You can feel it is coming from deep down inside of you, wow. Your music hit me hard. With your voice you can touch people’s soul. “

– Annick


My love for mama earth is big and this song is my ode to her. An ode for mother nature, for the earth, who unconditionally loves us and carries us. Who nurtures us and soothes us when we most need it, who just holds space for us, and shows up every day. 

She just always mirrors me how big I am, how loved I am, how light I am. She shows me where I come from and that all I need in life is found deep down inside of me.

I hope this song will help you remember this too for yourself. 

Enjoy listening! 

X Myrthe Lisanne

“Wow, I traveled to a far away place when listening to you. I really had to come back to earth afterwards. I was touched so deeply and I am so so grateful, thank you.”

– Krista

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Hey dear one,

My name is Myrthe Lisanne Glasbergen, a singer, writer, poet, creator and psychologist. I feel like a clear channel for divine creation and universal wisdom and sounds, and everything that comes through me I weave into music, videos, writings, poetry, paintings or meditations.

It is my soul’s purpose to weave new worlds into being to help people remember who they are: a divine being, a pure essence full of love and light. I transform high frequency energy into words and music, and all my work is a transmission of this energy, as well as an activation and/or initiation in this energy.

It is my intention to help you feel, see and remember that heaven is on earth, around you and deep down inside of you.

I call myself a true emotion expressionist: someone who creates art out of the emotions she feels. All my life I have been someone who feels a lot, and where I first believed that I had to control that, because society asked me to do that, I now fully embrace everything that I feel and see all my emotions and feelings as a gift.

I now dive deep into my emotions and I always discover hidden wisdom, beautiful messages and a big universal wisdom.

My emotions guide me, tell me stories of what I need to do and where my path will lead me. They will show me where I am not living my truth, where I need to make better choices or they show me my biggest dreams and desires. They tell me who I am, they show me my greatness and they help me walk my talk. I just love them.

Creating art out of the emotions I feel once started as a healing tool for myself, Creating art out of the emotions I feel once started as a healing tool for myself, but is now my main focus every day. And I love it. I am here to express what we all feel, in order for us all to heal.

I am also a person who just loves silence. When I am silent I am able to see, hear and observe things different. More present, more open, and I just enter a state of receiving, expanding and transcending. It is in these silent moments that I am able to receive the inspiration for all my songs, my writings, my channeled messages, my paintings, photography and ideas for new creative projects. I love to talk about psychology, mindset, philosophy, the Universe, spirituality, art, and everything else that lives in my fantasy and that I want to get out of the unseen worlds into this 3d world.

It is therefore that I strongly feel my mission and purpose in this world: Weaving a new world into being through art. Spreading love and light, universal wisdom and to help people remember who they are and where they come from. 

X Myrthe Lisanne

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