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Verslaafd aan de liefde

by Myrthe Lisanne | Songs of the Tree of Peace

I am nature

by Myrthe Lisanne | Voice healing & Meditation


by Myrthe Lisanne | Songs of the Tree of Peace


by Myrthe Lisanne | Songs of the Tree of Peace

Child of Creation

by Myrthe Lisanne | Songs of the Tree of Peace


by Myrthe Lisanne | Voice healing & Meditation

True freedom

True freedom for me lies in surrendering myself to the fact that I can’t know and can’t control anything at all. The only thing that I can do, that we can do, is being present and learn and experience and then surrender again. Until we think we know everything, and...

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Silence is something everybody should experience every single day. Real silence. Why? Because when you’re silent, you’re able to exceed your mind, your thoughts and your ego. In real silence there’s nothing more than just you. In real silence you’re finally able to...

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Breaking free part 1

Today is a good day to break free. Free from everything I know, everything I fear, free from the perspective of the reality I’m living. Why today? Because today is a good day. Today really is. This is what I said to myself when I felt I was hiding parts of myself...

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Free visualisation

Download my free visualisation: ‘Mirror of desire’ and take a deep dive into your inner world through my voice, my story and my meditative music. Discover what you dream of and where your true desire lies. Find your inner voice, listen to your intuition and make a deep and loving contact with your soul.  (In Dutch)

Online diary session

Join me on an online journey, an hour of meditating, visualizing and healing. An online campfire session where I want to share my (new) music, voice meditations and stories with you. Find a nice place at home to sit down, put on your headphones, close your eyes and take a deep dive inside your inner world.

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Are you organising a (spiritual) festival or another live event, and are you looking for a singer who combines voice healing, meditation and storytelling, then I am happy to join and to come perform at your festival or event. Click on the details link to contact me. 

Private gathering

Do you want to organise a private gathering at home or somewhere else? I am happy to join and share my healing music and stories with you. Please click on the details link below to contact me.

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2019 agenda

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Dec 20 ’19

Relax and Release event

Jan 17 ’20

Circle of light Ceremony

About Me

It is my mission to make the world a better place by spreading peace and love with my voice. This is why I make healing music, which will help you feel, heal, connect and grow. Want to know more? Check my about page!

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