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Moedertaal – My newest song!

Visual Poetry – Tot ik Herinner

Who am I?

My name is Myrthe Lisanne and I am a singer, writer, poet, creator and psychologist. I call myself a true emotion expressionist: someone who creates art out of the emotions she feels.

All my life I have been someone who feels a lot. From heavy sadness to pure bliss, and everything in between. I have learned to deal with all the feelings that lighten and darken up my days and I’ve learned to accept them and appreciate them. There is so much beauty and wisdom hidden inside our emotions. 

Creating art out of the emotions I feel once started as a healing tool for myself, but is now my main focus every day. And I love it. It is as if my emotions and everything I feel and experience in my inner world are a portal to another realm, full of old ancient wisdom and new creative projects. 

When I sing or write it is not me but my soul who speaks and I let her tell the stories that are buried deep down inside me, inside all of us. Because all that I feel individually is also felt collectively, and by feeling and healing it through art individually, I feel the collective healing too.

I am here to express what we all feel, in order for us all to heal. 

So when I make art, my intention always is to make art that addresses emotions, feelings, and old stories that need to be healed. I feel like a light artist, shining light on the darkness so that the darkness inside of us and thus in our world, can come to the light. And by doing this darkness will never ever be something we have to fear anymore. And by not fearing our darkness anymore, by looking it into the eye, we make it a dear friend, and we help to dissolve it in ourselves and by that dissolve it in our world.

My art helps you enter a deep meditative state and you will enter your inner world, and your emotional playground. And after that you will feel whole, inspired, lighthearted and at peace again. I promise. 

With the art I make I want to heal what needs to be healed, I want to address topics that need to be addressed for the healing of all of us. I want to shine a light on everything that needs to be seen, in order for all of us to feel it, integrate it and grow. With my art I want to spread love, peace and light. For there is no other way for me. So be it. 

In love
X Myrthe Lisanne 




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