Intuitive singer, writer, emotion expressionist & psychologist

The only way onwards is inwards

“Feel the healing power of spoken word, poetry, music and voice. Dive deep into your inner world, connect with your heart, dream, feel, and expand.  Feel the magic of life and experience the vibrational power of words and sound. Discover what lies hidden deep down inside of you and use my work as the key to your soul.” 

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Hi there,

My name is Myrthe Lisanne Glasbergen, a true multi passionate and creative being who loves to research life, reflect on how she feels and what it all means to be a human, who feels a lot and who loves to write, sing, create, teach & guide people on their journey inwards.

I call myself a true emotion expressionist: someone who lives by and creates art out of the emotions she feels.

All my life I have been someone who feels a lot. I have learned to embrace this and to turn it into my superpower! Everything that I feel I weave into deep reflections, written or spoken words, music, poetry, paintings or any other creative expression. I let my emotions be guides and express them in order to let the stagnant energy in my body flow again, so that I can flow again!

Besides all this I am also a psychologist (MSc) and in my work I combine forms of coaching with emotion expression & (sound) healing. I really love to dive deep into our inner world(s), to discover hidden wisdom, feelings, messages, guidance or stuck emotions that need to be released.

True freedom lies within. Therefore I believe that the only way onwards is inwards.

Start your journey here:

Rebirth covert art Myrthe Lisanne

Free inner peace journey

Inner peace journeys are deep transcendental meditations full of vocal and musical healing sounds and channeled messages, to travel to far away lands.

Rebirth covert art Myrthe Lisanne

Healing prayers

Listen to my healing prayers: deep meditative journeys full of healing music, spoken word and poetry, that will take you in a deep transcendent state to shift your vibrations.

Rebirth covert art Myrthe Lisanne

Songs of the Tree of Peace

Listen to my songs that uplift you, to feel better and to sing a long if you’d like!

“I just listened to you. I don’t know what it is but what you are creating is so beautiful. Your voice is so touching and so authentic. Just pure beauty “

– Michelle

“I have listened to your music and I am so impressed. It was a very special experience and I feel an admiration for your sensitivity and the power you use while singing. You can feel it is coming from deep down inside of you, wow. Your music hit me hard. With your voice you can touch people’s soul. “

– Annick

“Wow, I traveled to a far away place when listening to your music. I really had to come back to earth afterwards. I was touched so deeply and I am so so grateful, thank you.”

– Krista

My kind of Guidance


Wees welkom mooie ziel
In jouw wereld van emotie
In jouw wereld van gevoel,

Aai je angsten maar
Je verdriet
En je pijn
Zak maar in je lichaam
En VOEL wat ik bedoel.

Wees welkom mooie ziel
Kom maar aan in het huidige moment

Kom maar tot rust in mijn veilige haven
Leun maar op mijn stem
Vertrouw maar op mijn hart
Tot je jezelf weer bent
Tot je je Zelf weer kent.

Ik bied verschillende afgestemde trajecten aan waar ik je middels voice healing, emotie expressie en diepe meditatieve reizen gids op jouw pad en op jouw diepe, helende en transformerende reis naar binnen.


METANOIA – My group program

A deep inner healing journey of breaking free and surrendering to your true essence

Or watch my Visual Art

“Ik heb gelachen, gehuild, bewogen, gezongen, geschreeuwd, geroken, gedroomd en losgelaten. Wat een reis, wat een avontuur! Wat bijzonder! Nog nooit heeft iemand zo iets voor mij gedaan of zoiets kunnen geven.”

– Jonne

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